Text Messages Guaranteed To
Get  Any Girl To Respond!
These text messages were developed using the strategy built from the thousands of text messages I sent month after month for years. These are the exact messages that activate her body's biologically programmed desire mechanisms, allowing you to excite her...
You Information is 100% Secure And Will Never Be Shared With Anyone.
Text Game Mastery is the Absolute Most Efficient Way to Go From Texting a Woman, to Meeting Up With Her In Person...
What Will This Book Teach Me?
Text Game Mastery will teach you how to apply texting techniques and tweak your messages to get girls excited to hear from you. Get them ready to meet up and go out on dates. With Text Game Mastery you will skip all the awkward conversations upfront, build intrigue and excitement about yourself and really get girls to respond to you over all the other lame guys texting them...
How Much Does Text Game Mastery Cost?
Great question, it is 100% free and delivered as a PDF ebook that you can read on your computer, mobile phone or print out.
How Many Pages Long Is It?
The Text Game Mastery Guide is 32 Pages, long full of great information on using text messaging with women.
Ok Great, So How Can I Download It?
Simple, just click the big red button at the top of this page and enter your email address and we will send you an email containing your download link. You will receive this a few minutes after submitting your request.
Stop Getting Numbers and Start Getting
Dates with Text Game Mastery
About Text Game Mastery Author
Race dePriest
Race is a world renowned dating and relationship consultant. That is just a fancy way of saying he helps guys meet and date the women they desire. He has worked alongside Master NLP Coaches, Some of the Top Performance Coaches and Social Psychologists. All this experience helps him root out limiting beliefs, setup powerful habits, and teach men to easily make friends wherever they go.
He has authored several popular books and hundreds of articles, appeared on multiple radio show segments, including Covino and Rich and Maxim Radio, recently filmed a TV pilot about meeting and dating women in New York City, been made fun of on Saturday Night Live, appeared in multiple Match.com commercials and worked in close conjunction with the President of the Bahamas.
What Guys Are Saying About Text Game Mastery
  • Couldn't believe you salvaged this one... but the ego stroker text was exactly what this girl needed to hear. She was being so hot-n-cold as you say and I needed to do something to keep her HOT for me. I couldn't believe you salvaged this one, cause she's a hottie and I know there's lots of guys texting her. Heading into our third date now and had to pop u an email n say thanks. Rick
  • I had a bunch of phone numbers from girls I'd met over the years but never dated, including a few I barely knew whose names were in my phone book like "Amanda Likes Elephants" and "Caroline Very Fine" (see I already had my own system for naming em heh). So I figured heck, let's see if this guy has an advice on how to pull these girls back from out of nowhere. Shot out one of your re-engaging texts to five of em, and got back four responses. I had a date lined up within an hour! Owen
  • She Chose Me Because Of Your Texting Advice! I want to thank you so much. There's a girl I had a huge crush on, and I knew that she is popular because she is so pretty and fun. I had known her for about five months and I would have given my pinky finger to get her out. Well now she is my girlfriend and it all started because of you. I even asked her a few days ago what made her like me and she said that she chose me because of my text messages. Jose
  • Do you know how much I used to hate sending texts? It was like the damn Bermuda Triangle. I'd get attraction from a girl, get her number, and then it seemed like my attempts to get in touch with her were being swallowed by the sea. But straight up - you changed all that. I see how I was screwing up first texts, why I was losing interest, and why my attempts at humor were falling flat (I was being a jerk). More than anyone else, you've taught me how to do cocky/funny right. And once I got this stuff dialed in, things started changing. Bryan
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